Posture Pocket

Sealy Posture Pocket

Comfortable, luxurious and innovative, the new Posture Pocket collection offers everything you could ask for in a bed. The collection is hand made using traditional methods and materials, combined with the latest innovations in the science of sleep.

Illustrated below are the technologically advanced Posture Pocketed springs. Each spring is encased in its own nested pocket, moving independently to perfectly follow the contours of your body.

Posture Pocket is one of the most luxurious collections Sealy has ever made, but comfort on its own is only part of the story.

The Sealy UniCase system (illustrated above) actually encases the nested pocket springs to provide uncompromised support and comfort at every point across the mattress surface. You'll appreciate the difference as soon as you lie down, because the UniCase is a working part of the sleep system, engineered to work in unison with the pocket springs, responding to your weight with the correct amount of support.

By encasing the entire sleep surface, the mattress will retain a consistently firm seating edge around its entire perimeter and absorbing weight and pressure, the comfort life of the mattress is greatly enhanced.

Sealy Posture Pocket Spring

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